Coronation of King Charles Harry is not allowed to be

Coronation of King Charles: Harry is not allowed to be there, so

Troubles in court for Prince Harry continue. The voices that describe them become more and more insistent his relationship with Camilla as hostile, for reasons new and old that have resurfaced in recent weeks. And this could also lead to his exclusion from King Charles III’s coronation ceremony. to lead.

Harry and Camilla can’t stand each other: the alleged reasons

Who would have thought that Prince Harry would become the absolute protagonist of the British royal family? Yes, because, it’s pointless to deny William will be king one day, he’s never been the focus of the news, partly because newspapers “don’t like it,” in the sense that they don’t find him an interesting appeal to their readers , a bit why in Harry everyone sees Diana againfor better or for worse, depending on your point of view.

The second son of Lady D and King Charles III. is the son of the English people whom they love, hate, but are all forgiven for: the rebel with a heart of gold who, in the eyes of many, is still that kid he hangs upside down with his teenage brother into the coffin of his beloved mother.

Perhaps for this reason too, Meghan Markle seems very easily the perfect target, Harry must be defended at all costs, even if it is not necessary.

Although everyone loves him, his family cannot stand his behavior, perhaps because of that reflection of Lady Diana that is so evident in him. So this is why there is bad blood between him and Camilla, the new Queen Consort? The reasons can certainly be varied, the prince cannot digest the figure of the one who destroyed his mother’s lifeand in the past there has even been talk of a bitter relationship between Camilla and William.

In fact, Carlo’s wife would also have offered some not-very-nice opinions to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both of whom were unsuitable for their respective roles. The friendship that it seems would have suffered between Harry and Camilla over the years would have added to the hatred now that she was seen enthroning her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and especially her mother.

Harry would have said really bad things against his father’s wife, according to Palazzo rumours, and this could also jeopardize his presence at a very important upcoming event.

Harry and Meghan barred from King Charles III’s coronation?

Will Harry and Meghan Markle Attend King Charles III’s Coronation? The catchphrase has officially started, and given the alleged hatred between the prince and his stepmother, it seems every day less likely that will happen.

It goes without saying that the situation is teetering on the brink of hostility between the couple and the now-factional royal family with just Beatrice and Eugenia (with mother Sarah Ferguson) and now Sophie of Wessex alongside Harry and Meghan. Also, the Sussexes are no longer active members of the Crown, which is why given the new cuts the two could be barred from the ceremonywhich is certainly less lavish than in the past.

What is certain is that apart from being barred from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, which will now be reserved for everyone but William, Kate and their children as heirs to the throne, vetoing Harry for the coronation would be a bad first step for the new king, whom his subjects are already so have to forgive a lot.