Corona moves to Telegram heavy words to Ilary Blasi It

Corona moves to Telegram, heavy words to Ilary Blasi: “It will be hell”


The former king of the paparazzi returns to attack the presenter in charge at Mediaset after being silenced on Instagram

Corona moves to Telegram heavy words to Ilary Blasi It

Released October 1, 2022

He never could Fabrizio Corona Devotion to the censorship of Instagram? Of course not, and in fact, to avoid the “gag” he went further telegram where the shirts are much less strict and there is no risk of being banned. Obviously, once he landed on the platform, he returned to thunder at Ilary Blasi, whom he poisoned more than tooth for years. Thus, the former paparazzi king, who recently saw first his Instagram profile and then that of his son Carlos Maria, where he had “emigrated”, muted, emerged with many threats against the moderator who works at Mediaset, who is known to be facing one turbulent separation from her ex-husband Francesco Toti.

Corona opened a Telegram channel a few days ago, which currently has more than 12,000 subscribers. And from here he promised to continue his “game” against Blasi. Fabrizio has assured through a short film that he will unleash hell on Ilary in a very short time and states that he is ready to spread unreleased flaming shovels about the former Letterina di Passaparola. “So my dear, since you turned the mic down, I’ll tell the truth as it needs to be told. Getting ready. ‘Cause now I’m unleashing hell,” Corona captioned in reference to the clash he had with Roman showgirl on Big Brother Vip.

The former paparazzi king has arranged to meet his followers for Monday October 3rd. That day he assured that he would make bombastic revelations about the presenter of L’Isola dei Famosi. “We will tell everything you can not know,” commented Corona. All that remains is to follow the “Fabrizio Channel” on Telegram. There was a lot of smoke and little roast at the moment: Nina Moric’s ex-husband, either because he was silenced by Instagram or because he chose to remain silent, continuing to say that he was aware of shocking secrets he has no bomb dropped. In short, lots of noise but little fat.

Meanwhile, the tug of war between Ilary and Totti continues. The two former spouses have not come to an agreement and the only way forward at the moment is by going straight to the court. The story has turned into a nightmare full of lawyers and stamped papers.