Corona Madness in China |  Panic after fast lock at Ikea

Corona Madness in China | Panic after fast lock at Ikea

Source: [email protected], [email protected], Portal 01:46 08/15/2022

Panic when buying furniture in Shanghai: Customers frantically try to flee an IKEA branch, the market must be closed because of Corona! lockdown! One of the visitors would have had contact with a person infected with corona. At Ikea, health officials announced a quick lockdown. Dozens of people rushed to the exits. There are chaotic scenes. Videos on social media show people trying to get out of the building before the doors are locked. According to the order of the health authorities, “temporary control measures” are carried out at Ikea and the market is closed. According to witnesses, those who were unable to leave were locked away from 8 pm until just after midnight, after which they were taken to so-called quarantine hotels. China is known for its uncompromising and aggressive anti-corona policy. All means must be used to prevent the virus from spreading. Often with violence, as internet videos repeatedly show. It was only in the spring that people in Shanghai’s metropolis of 25 million were allowed to leave their homes for two months. Now these disturbing photos from IKEA Shanghai, which ended for many visitors with a spontaneous lockdown and orderly quarantine.