Contestants Who Could Surprise At Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022

Contestants Who Could Surprise At Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022

That Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022 Edition has 28 youngsters, several of whom are outlined as big favorites for the crownHowever, there are other participants who could surprise and steal a spot from the favorites at the last minute.

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With “surprise” or “bump” We refer to the following candidates there They could qualify for the group of 16 semi-finalists or advance to the top 10 or 5where not many experts or beauty pageant fans see them.

Among them is Miss Guaynabo; Ariana Paola Salgado, who was heavily criticized after her presentation in the preliminary round for her diverse physique and prototype rarely seen in beauty pageants. However, this girl has the beauty, charisma and personality to sneak among the 16 semifinalists.

You are too Miss Humacao; Elizabeth Jolie Torres Y Ariana Hernandez Colon from Mayaguez. Both had an acceptable and good lead last Sunday. They have good build and beauty to break into the Group of 16, although they lacked a strong presence and catwalk.

For his part Mariana Bernard, of AdjuntasY Kiara Rosado from Salinasare positioned as favorites for promotion in many expert tops top 10. However, as they perfect their catwalks, they project more strength and flirtation in the final night, They could pick several favorites from the group of 5 or 6 finalists.

The final starts at 20:00 and will be broadcast on Wapa TV.

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