Contest rewards the best photos of dogs see and enchant.webp

Contest rewards the best photos of dogs; See and enchant!

The Dog Photography Awards organize an annual competition of The best dog pictures, as well as monthly competitions for professional, amateur and student photographers around the world. In 2022, the award was divided into four categories: portrait and landscape; Studio; Action and dogs and people.

First place for the best photos in each category

For the four categories, the jurors had to select photos from a total of 1,400 entries from 50 countries. So check out the first place of each of them below.

Portrait and landscape

Contestant Dália Fichmann took first place in the Portrait and Landscape category by photographing an avalanche rescue dog. Fichmann accompanied a search party in MelchseeFrutt, Sweden. She hid in a frozen cave to take the picture and let the dog find her.


Photographer Su Kaye won the award in the Studio category. She was able to capture a spectacular shot from an original and unique angle.


Francisco Júnior Mura’s photo won first place in the Action category. The photo was taken in Italy on an obstacle course during a dog agility competition.

Dogs & people

Sabrina Theden’s contribution finally took first place in the “Dogs and People” category. She managed to snap a photo of her dog Kenzy during a Harry Potter shoot in Duisburg, Germany.

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