1695355114 Construction industry More than 12000 workers are missing

Construction industry: “More than 12,000 workers are missing”

The construction industry faces numerous challenges such as labor shortages, inflation and rising interest rates. Quebec’s housing starts are experiencing their worst year in 60 years, according to APCHQ.

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According to recent data from the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec, housing starts have declined 2% since August 2023, representing 14 declines in 15 months.

Although the 2% decline represents some improvement, the numbers for the housing sector at the end of the year do not look positive. “We are currently heading for a 43% decline in housing starts compared to 2022. This will be the sharpest decline since 1955,” added APCHQ Economic Service Director Paul Cardinal.

Construction industry More than 12000 workers are missing

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The labor shortage is hitting the construction industry hard. “According to the latest Statistics Canada data for 2023, there is a shortage of more than 12,000 workers in the industry,” notes Quebec Construction Association spokesperson Guillaume Houle.

A Quebec government reform will soon be introduced to modernize the construction industry. Major changes are expected, particularly through the division of occupations to increase productivity on construction sites.

Employer in seduction mode

Given the current labor shortage, a Salaberry-de-Valleyfield company is innovating to attract employees.

Ali Excavation Inc. is building a headquarters with a gymnasium, DEK hockey surface, artificial turf field, athletics track, tennis court, performance stage, etc.

This method is fundamental for the CEO, although there is always the “danger” of losing certain employees. “It’s a big problem… It’s an ultimate solution.” We want to offer the best possible premises,” says Marc-André Loiselle.

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