Constitutional Court: Did the judges save Merkel from an earlier verdict?     IMAGE

Constitutional Court: Did the judges save Merkel from an earlier verdict? IMAGE

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This decision makes Angela Merkel (67, CDU) difficult: The Constitutional judges reprimand the former chancellor and condemn his controversial statement on the Thuringian elections in 2020!

Merkel clearly violated the Constitution with her comment on the election of FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich (56) as Prime Minister of Thuringia in February 2020, according to judges in Karlsruhe on Wednesday.

Review: Kemmerich was then elected head of government by the CDU, FDP and with AfD votes. Merkel (while traveling through South Africa) criticized this as “inexcusable”. This had to be “undone,” she demanded. And: “It was a bad day for democracy.”

According to the court, the statements and their subsequent publication on the chancellor’s and federal government’s websites violated the AfD’s right to equal opportunity.

A crushing defeat for Merkel!

She “of course respects the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court,” a spokeswoman for Merkel said dryly. Kemmerich was emphatically indifferent to BILD TV: “I don’t feel any particular emotion after the verdict.”

But why did the verdict only come 6 months after Merkel’s term ended?

Initially, the AfD also filed an urgent request. The court should have decided that in the summer of 2020. If only the government hadn’t deleted Merkel’s Thuringia ads from the federal government’s website beforehand. This removed the urgency required for the urgent request – and the court no longer had any pressure to make a decision.

Merkel and Harbarth on a 2013 CDU election poster

Merkel and Harbarth 2013 in CDU election posterFoto: PR

According to information from BILD, the reason for the exclusion was a subtle hint from the court’s ranks.

Merkel and the Constitutional Court!

In 2020, his party friend and former CDU/CSU parliamentary group leader Stephan Harbarth (50) became President of the Court. In June 2021, Merkel and ministers invited the judges of the 1st and 2nd Senate to a confidential dinner at the Chancellery.

The constitutional court itself declined to respond yesterday to a long catalog of questions from the BILD.

“The procedure was carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Constitutional Court Act (BVerfGG),” court spokesman Pascal Schellenberg said succinctly.