Confirmed on BBB 23 Freds dad is delighted at the

Confirmed on BBB 23, Fred’s dad is delighted at the news that his son will be on the show: "I will cheer m…


The sports influencer’s team published the video on its social networks this Saturday (14).

By Ysac Freitas

01/14/2023 19:20 BRT

01/14/2023 19:20 BRT

Play/Instagram Fred DesimpedidosPlay/Instagram Fred DesimpedidosYsac Freitas

With the BBB in front of the door, each participant engages in their social networks in a different way. Fred has already shared his mother’s reaction when he found out his son would be joining the global reality show, but now it was his father’s turn to flash a big smile when he received the news that he was on the show would attend.

Bianca Andrade’s exteam published one of the videos on their Instagram profile, where the sports influencer’s father receives the news. “And today is the day you can see how Dalso, aka Papis, has reacted! What this big daddy will be cheering for his son is no joke,” the publication’s caption reads.

The interaction was shared with fans this Saturday afternoon (14) where the current BBB plays with his roles. After a few questions, Fred asks if Mr. Dalso will support Corinthians, his favorite team, or his son who will be on BBB 23. Surprised he asked: “Big Brother?”.

The presenter of Desimpedidos confirmed his presence and of course he received his father’s support. “Seriously? Are you kidding? So I’ll cheer you even more,” said the YouTuber’s father, hugging his son tightly.

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