Confidential Documents Found in Joe Bidens Washington Office

Confidential Documents Found in Joe Biden’s Washington Office

That’s what Joe Biden’s lawyers found out several shared documents in an office he used at the Penn Biden Centera think tank of Washingtonas he honorary professor of University of Pennsylvania (2017-2019). The discovery goes back to November 2just before the election of intermediate exams. On the same day, Biden’s lawyers announced that National Archiveswho took possession of the material and informs the Ministry of Justice, who investigates. It would be about ten documents that were in a folder along with other unclassified papers and were returned. According to a CBS source, they wouldn’t be included anyway nuclear mysteries.

The discovery

The President’s attorneys caught her in the act packaging papers within a closed closet to free up office space occupied by Biden at the time. “White House Cooperating with National Archives and Justice Department in Discovery of Apparent Obama Administration Documents —biden. Included a small number of documents marked as classified“, has explained Richard Clean, Biden’s “Special Counsel”. “The documents were not the subject of a previous inquiry or investigation by the National Archives», he added, thus in contrast to those of donald trump.

The reaction

But the Republicans attacked anyway. “Biden has been very critical of Donald Trump’s erroneous taking of classified documents to his residence or elsewhere. And now it looks like he did the same. How ironic,” said the MP Jacob ComerPresident in pectore the control commission of the Room. But the maddest thing was Trump card: “When the FBI will invade the many houses of Joe Biden, maybe even in the White House? These documents were definitely not declassified,” the tycoon attacked on social media.

As Trump took it

Trump is currently under investigation for keeping secrets at his resort Mar-a-Lagoin FloridaHundreds of confidential documents taken away from the White House. And not delivered State Archives. In August, during a lightning, FBI agents confiscated all files. They are now the subject of a federal investigation. “We’ve been told for months – commented the tycoon’s son, Donald Trump Jr. – that this was treason and reason for it impeachment proceedings and deserves the death penalty. But now I have the feeling that nothing will happen.’

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