Confessions of an Ex-Killer: Organized Crime Panic

Confessions of an Ex-Killer: Organized Crime Panic

Notorious organized crime actors in Quebec, who may have been framed by ex-killer Frédérick Silva, fled the country after learning he was collaborating with the police.

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Authorities have identified members of the Montreal Mafia and people known for their affiliations with the Hells Angels bikers among those travelers who headed abroad this summer without returning home, our Bureau of Investigation has learned.

Police sources confirm that one of them flew to Canada on a plane less than a week after Frédérick Silva was placed under police protection and escorted out of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines penitentiary on June 30 aboard a Sûreté du Québec (SQ) helicopter was, had left .

Silva on a spinning video in March 2013.

Archive photo

Silva on a spinning video in March 2013.

Several Hells had therefore gone abroad prior to the 2009 SharQc operation when their ex-colleague Sylvain Boulanger turned his jacket around to work with the SQ.

“There are bandits who have to freak out for fear Silva will report them to the police. Any sponsors of his murders are certainly concerned. There may be some who push each other even if their run could cost them a fortune,” commented retired investigator Roger Ferland.

“Critical” work

Yesterday, our Bureau of Investigations reported that Silva’s confessions to the SQ and Montreal Police could help solve several dozen murders.

Our sources even mention that the impact of the Terrebonne killer’s revelations promises to be “greater” than that of whistleblower Gérald Gallant, who has confessed to 28 murders, including 20 on behalf of the Rock Machine and the West Gang War.

But the police job has only just begun, according to Roger Ferland, who investigated for the Quebec police in a dozen killings committed by Gallant in the 1990s.

“The police must analyze every detail of Silva’s statements and try to find corroborating elements through investigative tools or in police files in order to validate every line. It’s crucial and difficult work that will take months,” he explained, who conducted this exercise for Operation SharQc when former Hells Angels Dayle Fredette became an informant.

seen with victims

The Magot and Mastiff survey projects, conducted between 2013 and 2015, may support Silva’s statements.

Police then discovered that the ex-killer was involved with several big names in organized crime, some of whom were shot dead.

A surveillance camera filmed how Silva shot Mafioso Salvatore Scopa in Terrebonne in 2017.

Archive photo

A surveillance camera filmed how Silva shot Mafioso Salvatore Scopa in Terrebonne in 2017.

In particular, they observed him in restaurants or in luxury vehicles with at least two high-level traffickers who were later killed and whose murders remain unsolved. They are Alejandro Ivan Silva Sanchez, a cocaine importer associated with Mexican cartels, and Gaétan Sévigny, a close friend of the Hells who ran a drug sales network in north Montreal.

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