Confessions in the process of robbing the Coffer Verde

Confessions in the process of robbing the Coffer Verde

At the trial for the theft of jewels from the Green Vault before the Dresden Regional Court, three of the six defendants made extensive confessions today. The accused Rabieh R. admitted that on the day of the crime, in November 2019, he and an accomplice broke into the rooms of the Green Vault, broke the window glass “with an axe” and threw the jewelry into a bag he had brought. with him.

The two defendants Wissam R. and Mohamed R. also admitted involvement in the crime. According to statements read by their lawyers, they did not enter the Green Vault, but arrested the robbery and took the loot and tools from the robbery.

A fourth defendant also announced a statement for the upcoming trial day on Friday. The confessions were preceded by conversations between the defense and the prosecutor.

Lighter sentences in perspective thanks to confessions

The district court approved the settlement. In exchange for the return of much of the loot from the Green Vault and credible confessions, those accused from Berlin’s clan milieu were given the prospect of lighter sentences.

A fifth defendant explained in his defense that he did not accept the understanding between the parties to the process. A sixth defendant wants an alibi for the day of the crime.

More than three years after the Green Vault robbery, police confiscated a significant portion of the loot in Berlin in mid-December. Some of the jewelery pieces are damaged or incomplete, with some valuable pieces still missing. The stolen jewelry from the early 18th century has an estimated total insurance value of at least €113.8 million.