Computer theft in the CHU de Québec: 10,000 employees’ files stolen

Computer theft in the CHU de Québec: 10,000 employees’ files stolen

The personal information of nearly 10,000 CHU de Quebec employees was stolen in a break-in on the night of June 5-6.

The criminals broke into the premises of the CHU de Québec research center and confiscated computer equipment with personnel files. 9,500 former and current employees are affected.

A police investigation is underway.

“Our colleagues from the Quebec City Police Department confirmed to us that there were arrests on file and that we were able to recover some of the computer equipment. Unfortunately, we cannot assume that no data has been passed on to third parties in the meantime,” says Jean-Thomas Grantham, spokesman for the CHU de Québec.

A 32-year-old man and 40-year-old woman appeared at the Quebec City courthouse on Wednesday to be presented, stolen and received in the case.

“Following the arrest, we also conducted a search in the Beaupré sector and searched computer equipment,” Quebec City Police Service spokeswoman Sandra Dion said.

The CHU de Québec ensures that measures are taken to prevent a similar situation from happening again. All persons affected by this theft will be notified by the employer. No data was stolen from patients or participants in the research project.

“We really want to reach out to everyone to educate them and give them information on how to protect their privacy,” explains Mr. Grantham.

CHU de Quebec is asking former employees who have not been contacted to call 418.525-4444 ext. 84105 for information.

A website has also been set up to answer questions from those affected:

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