Competitor mocked, days in the storm: never happened chain reaction

Competitor mocked, days in the storm: never happened chain reaction

Marco Liorni up front for what happened with Chain Reaction. A competitor is mocked, that’s what happened.

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Chain Reaction host Marco Liorni landed upset for what happened in one of the game show’s episodes of the summer of Rai 1. Everything was broadcast in an August episode, precisely in the episode of Saturday 13th, when I Batti Lei faced Jacopo, Edaordo and Giacomo against Gli Ottanta Grammi with Alessio, Antonio and Lydia.

And it all started when Liorni progressed with the When, Where, How and Why game. The protagonist of what happened to Liorni was Edoardo, who was preparing to react to the game. While Marco Liorni started the story with Edoardo saying a word that leaves the conductor speechless, who frowns and shows a slight embarrassment after the competitor says that word.

Edoardo had said Galaverna but the cause of the embarrassment was born because Liorni didn’t understand what the competitor meant because he didn’t know the meaning of the term. However, he confessed without delay that he had no idea what he was saying: “Excuse my ignorance, but I don’t know what it is.” Liorni began.

Liorni criticizes online: He exaggerated

The contestant explained the meaning of the words to the conductor: “It should be the frost that forms on the plants.” The moderator started laughing and was teased. According to Liorni, the conductors would never have thought of a similar solution to solve the game and embarrass the competitor.

Many on the internet and on Twitter noticed this episode, commenting on Liorni t’atteggiamelo how out of place when Edoardo seemed visibly embarrassed by the conductor’s words. After all, he was just trying to guess a word, and it’s not his fault if the conductor didn’t know its meaning.

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But what does it really mean in the end? It is a form of atmospheric precipitation consisting of a crystalline coating created around solid surfaces. The rhyme observes the phenomenon of the state of supercooling, which transitions from water vapor to ice.

In short, the frost is not exactly like the frost because the latter does not go through this supercooling process and is formed by the icing of the water vapor. However, Edoardo had come very close as the two phenomena were very similar. and most importantly, it was compatible with the definition that Liorni had given to the game.