Company chief manager used Russian services to monitor online activities

Company chief manager used Russian services to monitor online activities of citizens found dead, Yellow on the causes

Official reports speak of it Death because of cardiac arrest. But his closeness to Putin and his ties to the Russian security services, which have made him a prominent figure in the country’s elite, cast a shadow over the mystery surrounding Putin’s death Anton Cherepennikov.

The 40-year-old billionaire manager, head of the country’s largest IT company, ICS Holdingemployed by Russia’s Federal Security Service to monitor citizens’ online activity, was found dead in his office in 2010 Fly.


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Anton Cherepennikov, Putin’s manager, was found dead

Questions about Cherepennikov’s death are suggested by a longtime friend, Vasily Polonsky, who is quoted by various sources and insists: “I don’t think he died of cardiac arrest.” The exact cause of death will be determined later.”

Of course, all suspects must be checked. But they come amid general suspicion, as he is the second person close to Putin to die in the last 48 hours after billionaire oligarch Igor Kudryakov, a former government official and wealthy businessman, was found dead in his Moscow apartment.

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An opposition source quoted by the Mirror said Cherepennikov was “an absolutely vital tool in Putin’s repression.” More: “His assassination cannot be ruled out as the security apparatus is desperate due to the failure of the war.” Cherepennikov is said to be close to the oligarch Alisher Usmanov, a former shareholder of the London football club Arsenal and also close to the Kremlin.


The list of Russian executives and businessmen who died under suspicious circumstances continues to grow: Cherepennikov is the fourteenth, just for 2023. However, the number has increased to 40 since the start of the war in Ukraine. Igor Shkurko, first deputy general director and chief engineer of Yakutskenergo, a Russian energy company, disappeared last April and was found lifeless in a Yakut detention center. Official version: suicide. Former Gazprombank Vice President Vladislav Avayev was found dead in his home in Moscow with his wife and daughter on April 18, 2022. The authorities had said that the manager had taken his own life after the double murder of the two women. Russian billionaire of Ukrainian origin Mikhail Watford was found dead at his home in Surrey, England on February 28, 2022. Vasily Melnikov, 43, the head of MedStom, a medical components company, was found dead with his wife, 41, and their two children, ages 10 and four, in Nizhny Novgorod on March 23 last year. All were “reported” as sudden deaths or suicides after a homicide.