Companies spend a fortune on recruiting

Companies spend a fortune on recruiting

Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on training and recruiting staff.

This part of the budget has exploded in the last three years. The owner of Mulloy Cleaning, a cleaning company based in Rimouski, David Mulloy knows something about it.

“All the time we put into training, whether it’s me or my team leaders, we’re not investing anywhere else in our company, so it’s really expensive,” he said.

“I converted my regular ad to a job ad. It leads to a specific result,” he added.

Given the labor shortage, workers without a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) or college entrance qualification are spoiled for choice. They therefore have bargaining power.

“Between 40% and 45% of employees are among these employees. The fact of the matter is, for half of the people, these aren’t necessarily the most desirable profiles,” said Annie RH Network President Annie Boilard.

An advantage that is likely to disappear in 2030. The emergence of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, threatens to change the business model of many companies.

“The scope for improvement is much less, while employees with higher education have more scope to see their working conditions improve over time,” stressed Annie Boilard.