Compadres fight to stay in their international tournaments

Compadres fight to stay in their international tournaments

The results have not accompanied the compadres this week at international level. Alianza Lima and Universitario de Deportes lost their games for Libertadores and Sudamericana respectively, making their qualification for the round of 16 difficult with these results. “We’re on our own,” more than one player has been heard saying in the last few hours, but is that really the case? Know what each one needs to move on to the next phase.

After a painful home defeat and before their eyes against Libertad, the Confidants were relegated to last place in Group G Libertadores Cup and with two dates left before the end of the group stage, the situation for the blue and white became quite complex.

In the final two days, the Familiars face off first against Mineiro in Matute and then against Paranaense in Brazil. Whether Alianza makes it to the round of 16 depends on these two results, whether Alianza is in the playoffs for a place in the South American Cup or whether they are eliminated from a continental tournament.

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And alliance If they won their remaining two games, they would be at least second in the group. Another possibility is that Alianza will have a high probability of qualifying for the playoffs if they win one and draw the other. However, if the teams led by Guillermo Salas win just one game, they would be in a playoff position if Mineiro and Libertad don’t win their two games.

Compadres fight to stay in their international tournaments Guillermo Salas spoke about the rumors about his departure from Alianza Lima. Photo: spread

Should there be only a tie in the shortlist, or both lose, they would be eliminated from any continental tournament. Without a doubt, a complex panorama for those from La Victoria.

What does the “U” need?

After losing to Goiás in Brazil, Universitario left the top of Group G and is second in Group G South American Cupa position that would prevent him from qualifying for the round of 16 of that tournament as he only offers a spot for his next round.

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The Cremes have two dates left in this group stage where they face Colombia’s Independiente de Santa Fe and Gimnasia de La Plata at the Monumental Stadium. If they don’t get early results, they could play in the duration playoffs or even stay out.

Possible Scenarios: If Universitario wins its two games or just one and draws the other, it would secure the position hopeful (2nd) and depending on the results of Goiás classification (1st) in the round of 16. If the Cremes win a single game, they could finish first if Goiás doesn’t score, or second (eliminated) depending on Independiente de Santa Fe’s results.

1685101406 576 Compadres fight to stay in their international tournaments Jorge Fossati said the police aimed their guns and named the perpetrator of the attack in the last Copa Sudamericana game against Goiás. Photo: spread

If Jorge Fossati’s men can only manage a draw, they could qualify runners-up as long as Santa Fe and Gimnasia don’t win a game. If Universitario loses both, it would be eliminated from the South American league. The first week of June will be crucial for both teams who now focus on Liga 1 2023.

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“I think I can get there without any problems”

Alianza Lima wants to turn the tide and is already focused on the game against Binational sport for League 1, which will be played on Sunday 28th from 20:30 at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. One of the doubts about this game is Carlos Zambrano who got injured against Libertad. “I’m still in pain but with confidence and I think I’ll make it through with no problem. I want to play; If I hold the pain a little, I think I’ll get there. “Binacional comes at a good time, it will be a very difficult opponent, but we still have to win at home, and even more so after losing two games,” he said.