Como girl with Down syndrome painting graduate Art is her

Como, girl with Down syndrome, painting graduate: «Art is her way of expressing herself» Milano

by Anna Campaniello

Sara Bellome, 25, defended her doctoral thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in December. Today, together with her mother, she is the protagonist of exhibitions and events: «I gave her a pencil when she was one year old, her story is a message of hope»

Graduating from the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts in Como is just one of the goals he has achieved Sarah Bellome, 25 years old, from Como. there Down syndrom it never stopped her and, with the support of her mother and the whole family, did not prevent her from completing art school, painting, doing exhibitions and writing poetry. «There were and always are difficulties – says the mother, Daniela Porro, painter -. But I think Sarah’s story can be a message of hope for any parent who is dealing with a challenging journey».

Last December it took Sarah Bellome Studied painting and visual languages at the Galli Academy. Endnote 103/110 and a work on the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. «I put the pencil in her hand and started showing her the works of the great artists when he was one year old – remembers mom -. He wanted to go to art school, which his two sisters also attended. When she then decided with will and determination to continue her studies after high school, I personally supported her with her studies. It was a challenge, but she never gave up and achieved her goal. It was a surprise for me too.”

With Mama Sarah since 2018 He exhibits his works and takes part in exhibitions and artistic events. But she also loves to write poetry and dance. “It’s a bit difficult to speak, but writing poetry comes naturally to her, it’s one of the ways to express herself along with painting and dancing,” emphasizes mother Daniela again. Sarah certainly won’t stop at her graduation goal. «She never gave up despite the difficulties – concludes the mother -. We will continue to support her so that she can achieve her goals and achieve her dreams. It’s a great message of hope.”

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Jan 21, 2023 (change Jan 21, 2023 | 6:44 p.m.)