Commonwealth Games: the two Darsignys in bronze

Commonwealth Games: the two Darsignys in bronze

A total of 196 kg, weightlifter Tali Darsigny won a bronze medal in the 59 kg category at Sunday’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

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After missing her first attempt at 87kg in the snatch, she tried her luck again to raise the bar with flying colours. In clean and jerk, the Quebecer managed her three attempts, including a final at 109 kg.

The title in this category went to Rafiadu Folashade Lawal from Nigeria. The latter set a record at the Commonwealth Games with a cumulative 206 kg. England’s Gordon Brown received the silver medal (197 kg).

A little later, it was his brother Shad’s turn to finish third on the podium in his category. In action at 73 kg, he lifted loads of 135 kg in the snatch and 163 kg in the clean and jerk, bringing his total weight to 298 kg.

India’s Achinta Sheuli was heading for a gold medal with a competition record of 313 kg. His third attempt in the snatch with 143 kg is also a sign of the event.

Savard and Harvey medalists in the 4x200m freestyle relay

In the swim, Katerine Savard and Mary-Sophie Harvey teamed with Summer McIntosh and Ella Jansen for the 4x200m freestyle relay. A duel between the Canadians and the Australians was to be expected and that was offered to the spectators.

Canada led early in the race but the rivals took the lead in the second stint and then extended their lead. The representatives of Australia dominated and even set a world record with a time of 7 min 39.29 s.

The Canadians took silver (7:51.98) and the English finished third (7:57.11).

Previously, Harvey swam 100 backstroke for a medal in the final. She placed sixth with a time of 1:0.72. Canada’s Kylie Masse took the silver medal behind Australia’s Kaylee McKeown.

Second in her qualifying group, Savard managed to snag a ticket to the 50m butterfly final

Felix Dolci only briefly

In artistic gymnastics, Félix Dolci finished fourth in the all-around with a total score of 81.550.

The resident of Laval was the best athlete in the finals on floor (14,200), wrestling (14,000) and high bar (13,550). He was good on parallel bars and vaulting but had more problems on the pommel horse. In the end, he missed the third step of the podium by just 0.200, just behind Marios Georgiou of Cyprus.

England’s Jake Jarman (83.450) and James Hall (82.900) took gold and silver respectively.

Laurie Denommée, who qualified for the women’s all-around final, was seventh (49.700). Her compatriot Emma Spence took third place on the podium with 52,350 points. Australia’s Georgia Godwin (53,550) and England’s Ondine Achampong (53,000) were the only ones ahead of her.