Commissioner Ricciardi this is how the series ends Who dies

Commissioner Ricciardi, this is how the series ends. Who dies, the spoiler Newsby

Presentation of the Lino Guanciale series Photo: Ansa-Newsby

After the success of the first season, Commissario Riccardi is about to debut a new chapter of Rai Uno. Sophisticated fiction with a flowing narrative, it captured audiences from the first episode thanks to a top-notch performer like Lino Guanciale. Inspector Riccardi was born from the imagination of Maurizio De Giovanni, which has made him one of the most beloved characters in literature in recent years.

Along with Doc nel tue mani, Mina Settembre and Don Matteo, Il Commissario Riccardi is one of the leading dramas on state broadcaster: all very popular with audiences. An achievement that Rai’s top management is proud of and that validates Rai’s positive direction when it comes to fiction. In the next season, Ricciardi will experience unexpected moments that will captivate the audience, but the many readers of the books already know the fate of the beloved character, who seems projected into a certain historical epoch.

COMMISSIONER RICCIARDI first televisionPresentation of the Lino Guanciale series Photo: Ansa-Newsby

Commissioner Ricciardi, the success of a fiction from another time

Lino Guanciale has shown in various fictions that he is a versatile, talented and well-prepared actor. From Don’t Tell My Boss to survivors but also to learners, Guanciale conquered the audience and could not help but be perfect in the role of Ricciardi. The series garnered unexpected viewership and captured an unexpected share for such a diverse and controversial fiction. Set in a 1930s Naples, the figure represents the lifeline in a dark and corrupt context. Ricciardi searches for the truth in various crimes, perceives additional sensations. The dead appear to him and reveal unusual details and that makes him even more special.

However, he’s a character who hides a dark truth, and that’s probably what audiences love. It projects itself in a mysterious and exciting era and learn the ways of the legendary commissioner. And while many viewers will have to wait for season two to know the fate of Ricciardi, readers of the books know part of the ending and what will happen in the series.

Commissioner Ricciardi sceneCommissioner Ricciardi Scene with Irene – Photo: Ansa Newsby

Commissioner Ricciardi and Erica a new unexpected love: spoilers

Inspector Ricciardi seems immune to feelings, but thanks to the investigation into the disappearance of his girlfriend Livia Vezzi, he knows Erica. Thanks to her joie de vivre, the woman awakens the noble soul of Luigi Alfredo, who falls in love and leaves the audience perplexed. However, the epilogue will be truly gruesome: Erica will die in childbirth: the woman will have a little girl that he only has to grow up with his father. A choice that readers don’t approve of and television viewers must suffer from as well. Will Commissioner Ricciardi be able to fall in love again?

Will the joys of fatherhood be able to lift him from the cloud of mystery and sadness? At the moment, viewers will have to wait for the development of new events that apparently they are announcing a new love for the inspector. What is certain is that every death that is told in the story also reveals a new beginning, and this seems to bode well the beloved character of Maurizio Di Giovanni that despite the drama of the events of which he is the protagonist, he always manages to come out with class.