Come on Folliero the dry answer to Bonolis thats how

Come on, Folliero: the dry answer to Bonolis, that’s how television works


The Milan moderator protagonist in the quiz show Canale Cinque: the exchange of words with the conductor

Come on Folliero the dry answer to Bonolis thats how

Released May 22, 2022

The broadcast of the unreleased episodes of Come again … also in the evening. The quiz show directed by Paolo Bonolis is back in primetime video on Sunday, May 22nd channel 5 Two categories challenge each other, “Champions” and “Nature”. Representing the two teams, they ended up in the studio Philip Magnini and Emmanuel Folliero. The connection between the former swimmer and the “masters” became clear (as Magnini is known, he was a champion swimmer and won several medals in European, world and Olympic competitions). The connection between Folliero and “Nature” is less intuitive. And indeed, with his proverbial irony, Bonolis teased the moderator, who gave him a dry and concise answer.

“Ms. Folliero is here to represent the natural world. However, I was wondering: Why does Folliero represent the natural world?” asked the Roman conductor, complete with a mocking laugh. The host’s response was terse: “By now we should all represent the natural world, and then you invited me, so…”.

Afterwards, the 57-year-old Milanese was “saved into a corner” and said she has a brother who is commander of the forest police in the Tuscany region. Then he added that she writes in a newspaper about unspecified topics, which are relevant nonetheless Nature. “Then I’ll go find mushrooms,” he commented. “She has this close contact with the world of nature, she’s a bit like Greta Thunberg from Fininvest, from Mediaset,” Bonolis’ irony. “So don’t ask me questions about nature, because I don’t know anything,” Emanuela replies sympathetically.

In short, he strove to understand clearly the deep connection between the natural world and Folliero. At least nothing strange. However, the moderator’s candid response to Bonolis provides an opportunity for understanding the subterranean workings of the dynamics of the small screen.

Sometimes the events hosted in the entertainment programs are not primarily organized around specific themes that the guests are intended to be associated with; there are other logics, such as that of agents who manage to place their clients or that of the writers of the shows who are asked to decide which VIP is functional for the transmission mechanism. And it is not certain that the VIP called has a particular proximity to certain subjects, as in the case of Emanuela Folliero, who represents the natural world in Avanti to others… Even in the evenings.