1674400289 Colombia Shakira included in Barranquillas Wall of the Cacho

Colombia: Shakira included in Barranquilla’s ‘Wall of the Cacho’

Harvest a new “Achievement”. After the topic became known worldwide “Session 53” by Shakira and Bizarrapit became undeniable infidelity The Colombian suffered from her children’s father, the player Gerard Pique.

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The song she made as a cry for liberation not only brought her more success and money but also led to her being included in the celebrity community “Wall of the Chub”a very popular mural in his native country, Barranquilla.

Said wall is updated annually in the pre-Mardi Gras season with the names of infidelity victims. Due to the infidelity suffered by the Barranquilla artist in 2022, she was recorded as “famous member” according to municipality.

Shakira and Piqué had a 12-year relationship from which they had two children.  (Photo: Getty)

Shakira and Piqué had a 12-year relationship from which they had two children. (Photo: Getty)


In Soledad, Atlantic (Colombia), There is a mural of the Association of Cachones de Soledad (Asocasol)Founded by CamiloBarcelona. This is a group whose goal is for infidelity to be accepted with dignity.

Gerard Piqué and his response to Shakira's songThe love story between Shakira and Piqué is a thing of the past. However, the release of a new song shook social networks. What were the consequences?

Will love return?

Users and followers of the Barranquillera noted that he follows the footballer on Instagram, just as the Kings League president is a follower of the artist.

For his part, Gerard Piqué still has photos with his ex-partner Shakira, although he is currently in a relationship with Clara Chía. Some network users have pointed this out Despite all the show of their separation, they would act grown up for their little ones.

Dealing with infidelity: is it worth continuing the relationship after a betrayal?There has been a lot of talk about infidelity following the breakup between Shakira and Gerard Piqué. In this video, the psychologist Manuel Saravia resolves some doubts related to this topic and gives us guidelines to overcome a love betrayal.


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