Colombia and FAO agree to stand up for Right to

Colombia and FAO agree to stand up for Right to Food

The signing took place in Argentina during the VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

With this charter, the government and FAO agreed to strengthen existing cooperation to advance the fight against hunger, create sustainable food systems, achieve prosperous and inclusive rural societies, and promote sustainable and resilient agriculture.

Also work on the structuring of training processes and capacity building for social and institutional actors, both national and territorial, on sustainable production and marketing, the human right to food, environmental education and sustainable use of natural resources, management of the land, Risk management and resilience to ensure its sustainability.

This signature is also intended to encourage the inclusion of family businesses, land ownership, marketing, associativity, public purchases, expansion, credit and technology, the State Department said.

These goals are consistent with the “Comprehensive Rural Reform” mentioned in Item 1 of the Peace Agreement, which is given priority under this MoU since the FAO has been designated by the Colombian government as the international companion to this item.

The content of the declaration envisages coordinated work between the government and the FAO to strengthen economic and social development in the border areas of Colombian territory, mainly Colombian-Venezuelan.

Actions are aimed at overcoming hunger and malnutrition and advancing the guarantee of the human right to food for the population, mainly in the departments of Arauca, Boyacá, Cesar, Guainía, La Guajira, Norte de Santander and Vichada.

The signing of this document, sponsored by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represents progress in aligning the actions of the United Nations system with the transformations defined in the National Development Plan and the pursuit of total peace, which cements the actions of the government and leads to the results of a dignified life, without hunger and with opportunities.