Collision between two helicopters kills four in Australia the horrific

Collision between two helicopters kills four in Australia: the horrific images of the accident

Two helicopters collided in full flight this Monday, January 2, killing four and seriously injuring three. An investigation has been launched to determine the causes of the accident, which occurred on the Côte Dorée (Gold Coast) coast in the south-east of the country Australian region of Queenslanda very touristic region.

One of the helicopters crashed, the other managed to land. Footage from local ABC television shows the rotors of a device lying on a sandbank a few meters from shore. Nearby, one of the two helicopters was overturned on the sand. The other plane appeared largely intact at the scene near Sea World marine theme park.

video of the accident

The exact cause of the collision is not known, but it appears one helicopter took off when the other landed, according to Queensland Police Inspector Gary Worrell. Australian television channel Channel 9 has released a video showing the last seconds before the dramatic collision between the two helicopters.

#BREAK: Channel 9 released a video showing the Gold Coast helicopter crash, although they cropped it before the moment of impact

Families waved to passengers and witnessed the crash @6NewsAU

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