College 8 the 23 participants revealed an artists daughter is

College 8, the 23 participants revealed (an artist’s daughter is missing)

A few weeks of the long-awaited return of the documentary reality Il Collegio 8, the countdown has officially begun. This new edition, which will premiere on Rai 2 on Sunday September 24th, promises to be even more exciting and full of surprises. While the fans They prepare to dive again Due to the extraordinary experience of the students catapulted back in time, some new features have been announced that will make this season even more special.

Hosts and participants

Particularly absent is Perla Maria, Maria Monsè’s daughter, who was rejected after registering for the auditions. This is because, as a rule, in the program VIP children cannot participate. But at the last moment two young men, sons of artists, were kidnapped. The very angry agent’s polemics were of no use to poor Perla Maria, who had now resigned herself to exclusion. But the latter wasn’t the only big exclusion; in addition to Maria Monsé’s daughter, Matilde Brandi’s daughter was also removed from the list of participants. Aurora Constantini was considered safe, while the official denial only arrived today. However, there will be another daughter of the artist, Carmelina Iannoni, second daughter of the showgirl Carmen Di Pietro.

One of the most striking innovations is the introduction of Stefano De Martino as the show’s narrator takes over from Giancarlo Magalli. Set against the backdrop of 2001, “College 8” promises to take audiences on an emotional journey into the past.

But the most awaited news was recently revealed: the names of the 23 brave participants who will put themselves to the test in this new adventure.

Who are the participants of College 8, the complete cast

  • Alessia Berchicci, Benevento, 14 years old. He wants to be a judge and loves rapping in Korean.
  • Rocco Ryan, 15 years of Gela: His dream is to join the army.
  • Anita Pia from the province of Caserta: passionate music lover.
  • Carmelina Iannonidaughter of Carmen Di Pietrowho is 14 years old.
  • Cecilia D’AmmassaHe is 15 years old and comes from Aquino.
  • Anna Garau15 years old, originally from Tonara (Nuoro).
  • Christopher Parolin16 years old, Veneto: dropped out of school twice.
  • Daniele Marrone, 16 years old, L’Aquila: His greatest passion is girls and engines.
  • Denise Pagani15 years old from Costeggiola.
  • Diego Natale, 16 years old from Grosseto.
  • Enrico Di Clemente17 years old, from Carpi: After finishing school he started working as a barman.
  • Frida Schiavi16 years old, from Brembate di Sopra: Boy Scout who dreams of studying in the United States.
  • Flavio Bertucci, 15 years of Riccione.
  • Giorgia Ceccarelli, 16-year-old from Pisa: failed because he ran away from school.
  • Giuseppe PuppioSeventeen-year-old from Cosenza: He wants to become President of the Republic.
  • Helena Del Pozzo, 17 years old and comes from Messina.
  • William GrossoNeapolitan and the youngest student of the college.
  • Ilary Iolli16 years old and comes from Cassino.
  • Luca Galise, 17 years of Cava de’ Tirreni. He defines himself as a Latin lover.
  • Mahdi Khouya, 17 years old and comes from Vienna.
  • Marta Battaglia15 years old from Resuttano: speaks three languages ​​and loves mathematics.
  • Mirko Stellatowho is 17 years old and comes from Sant’Angelo in Formis (CE).