Collective agreements |  FIQ delegates reject Quebec City’s bid

Collective agreements | FIQ delegates reject Quebec City’s bid

(Montreal) FIQ delegates have just formally rejected the government offer made as part of the contract renewal process in mid-December.

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Lia Levesque The Canadian Press

These delegates, who meet in a special national negotiation council in Saint-Hyacinthe, represent both the members of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé and the FIQ-P (private), d medical professionals.

The representatives describe this offer as incoherent, disrespectful, offensive, in a context in which they say “the system is breaking down”.

In terms of salaries, Quebec is offering 9% increases over five years, plus a $1,000 lump sum and a 2.5% amount set aside for “government priorities” — causing it to be Offer rated 13%.

In addition, the nurses at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, who recently threatened en bloc dismissal because they found their working conditions difficult, received a standing ovation from the FTQ’s 1,200 delegates gathered at a convention in Montreal.

It was the City of Montreal Labor Union that welcomed their mobilization and asked FTQ delegates to support them. The delegates stood up spontaneously and gave them a long round of applause.