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Collateral Victims: Tim Hortons and McCain Boycotted in India – TVA Nouvelles

The strained relations between India and Canada in recent days are impacting not only the political world but also the economic world, with several Canadian companies facing boycott calls, including Tim Hortons and McCain.

On social media, several Indian citizens have stated that they no longer wish to consume Canadian branded products.

In addition to maple syrup and Canadian gin, products from Tim Hortons – which opened three franchises in New Delhi a year ago – and McCain are the main target of this campaign against Canada.

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“In light of recent developments, I have decided to join the movement to boycott Canadian products. It’s important to use our power as consumers and voice our concerns. Boycott McCain, Tim Hortons and all Canadian products,” one user wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Experts say these companies need to exercise tact as tensions escalate, the Economic Times reported.

For Sandeep Goyal, president of advertising agency Rediffusion, Canadian brands can’t take sides. The wisest option would then be to keep quiet about this boycott, which is likely to be short-lived, he told the media.

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The tensions came after tensions between Canada and India escalated after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Indian government agents could be involved in the killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia. British.