Cold and snow: Exceptional snowfall affects Portugal

Cold and snow: Exceptional snowfall affects Portugal

The Fien Depression had many consequences in Portugal. In addition to strong storms, dangerous sea storms, rain and polar air, snow fell in several places at high altitudes and in various mountains in the north and center of the country. Check out the photos, they are stunning!

Alfredo Graca Alfredo Graça Meteored Portugal 3 mins today

The arrival of polar sea air last Tuesday (17) over mainland Portugal, combined with a strong north-west storm and rain that has been falling for several hours, led to a significant deterioration in the weather, which led to snowfall at several high points in the country.

The appearance of the white hydrometeor is perfectly captured in the photos and videos shared on social media.

The incredible cooling middle and upper layers of the atmosphere in part of Portuguese territory, with temperatures between -30°C and -34°C at about 5500 meters above sea level, brought favorable conditions for this episode of cold, snow, ice and strong ground wind. The wind caused very visible damage in Penhas da Saúde, as reported by some national media.

The bitter cold at high altitude, intensified by the maritime polar air coming from the northwest, as well as the previously announced rainfall that has fallen (and will continue to fall) – a “white scenario” predicted, as it turned out and which can be seen in videos and photos.

Landscapes, towns, roads and rugged and winding mountains, such as Montalegre and Boticas (Vila Real), Covilhã (Castelo Branco) and the mountains of Estrela, Alvão, Marão and Nogueira (Bragança), are now completely covered in a blanket of snow that will delight fans of this weather element.

In the night from Tuesday (17th) to Wednesday (18th) snow fell again, plus rain, lower temperatures, dangerous storm at sea with strong swell from the north-west and strong wind, which increases the feeling of thermal cold.