Coffee provocations and smiles between Antonino Spinalbese and Giaele De

Coffee, provocations and smiles between Antonino Spinalbese and Giaele De Donà Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Cheered on by the music and kissed by the sun Antonino and jael They share a cup of coffee and a comfortable stool in the garden. Giaele teases him, accusing him of not even teaching her to play billiards, even though she spent a lot on him. “You’re taking advantage of that,” the girl jokes. He laughs and, at her invitation, strokes her soft legs. She provokes him and asks him for “scratches” to reward her for everything she does for him.

They talk about their favorites and who they want to vote for. “You have an obligation to confront me even if you hate me,” he tells her, poking fun at her. Geneva He approaches the couple with the excuse of having a cigarette with Antonino. Simple sharing or jealousy?

Alone back, the two boys talk about their respective game strategies. Giaele kept a low profile and tried to be good to everyone, hoping not to go for the nomination for a third time. However, she believes she’s not the only one who has to worry about her own way around the house. Antonino also has to be careful, because he’s clearly upset with himself John. Giaele suggests that he not fight, but Antonino remains calm: “He’s against me”. The boy has no intention of strategizing and will continue to be himself.

Giaele vents by saying he doesn’t appreciate the continuous analysis he’s subjected to. Some house VIPs want to teach her lessons she doesn’t think she needs to learn. The focus is always on their discussed and little understood marriage. Jael’s fighting spirit shines through and she resolutely assures that she will use whatever cards she has to stay indoors. It’s a unique opportunity for the girl. “I want to play it better,” she says, not denying that she’s competitive. The two look at each other and smile, bound by a special understanding.