Prohiben en Francia manifestaciones frente al Consejo Constitucional

Codeca will create a new plurinational party in Guatemala

When the presidential couple of their political arm, the Movement for the Liberation of Peoples, were excluded from this election campaign, they carried out a deep reflection in the assembly to strengthen their struggle.

“This capitalist, creole and patriarchal system has destroyed mother earth and natural assets, plundered our lands and privatized basic goods and services as part of the discourse of development and economic growth,” he said.

This includes the exploitation of various indigenous population groups, the expropriation of their ancestral land, which leaves them without a chance and forces them to emigrate, he emphasized in a statement after the meeting.

“In Guatemala we survive without a state and without rights,” he explained, and “the mafias have taken all institutions by storm and when we organize and demand rights in the face of injustice, they persecute, stigmatize, criminalize and murder us,” he added.

Codeca reiterated in the text the decision to continue on the path of liberation, the challenge being to promote a process of Popular and Plurinational Constituent Assembly from the cities with the different actors and sectors.

“Our task is to work continuously and intensively in the organization, in every corner of the country and with the migrant community,” he stressed.

He called for the socio-political training processes to be strengthened in all structures of the movement, for the mobilization for demonstrations to be intensified in the current context and for joint communication to be used as a means of struggle.

“The blood of our martyrs was not in vain, we must continue to defend their memory and fight for the future of our sons and daughters,” he affirmed.

Codeca’s presidential couple, Thelma Cabrera and Jord├ín Rodas, were the first to be excluded from these votes following a ruling by the Constitutional Court.

The Citizens’ Register of the Supreme Electoral Court refused his registration on January 28 on the grounds that there was an anomaly in the file of the second, former head of the Ombudsman for Human Rights.

The left-wing political force, which came third in the 2019 election, voided the vote to seek a repeat of the contest and lost the necessary mayoral-level ballots to prevent its cancellation.

It was founded in 1992 by Aboriginal and illiterate people in hopes of bringing about structural change in the country and fundamentally claims the land and labor rights of the agricultural community.

After the signing of peace in 1996, Codeca campaigned for historical clarification of events during the internal war in Guatemala.