Cocielo is operated on and Tata Estaniecki only finds out after her husband’s post: “I almost had something”;

Cocielo is operated on and Tata Estaniecki only finds out after her husband’s post: “I almost had something”;

This Friday (19) Júlio Cocielo underwent knee surgery. On Instagram, the Youtuber shared some moments of the procedure, such as his “first time” to take anesthesia. However, the whole situation had one detail: he did not tell his wife Tata Estaniecki about the severity of the operation. Through stories, the PodDelas presenter explained why she wasn’t in the hospital with her husband. Check out his post below:

It all started when a follower questioned her for not “following Júlio for the knee surgery.” “You will not believe it! He doesn’t say things right! Why are men like this?” Tata replied. “(He) just told me he was going to have a knee procedure, that it would be quick and that he needed to rest over the weekend. See I see in Stories he take an anesthesia, man, bitch who gave birth. That’s when I sent a message,” he continued. She then added that “everything is settled” now.

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The influencer also showed the conversation she had with her husband. “Look how I figured it out!” he wrote. On the news, she asked her partner how he would return home. “What do you mean you come back alone, mô? Are you crazy! Where are they? I’ll get you!” he sent. “I almost had something in my heart,” the blonde concluded.

Tata Estaniecki Stories CocieloTata shared the moment he found out about the operation. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Later, she even shared some stories about bringing her lover home after the surgery. “Dear, the crowd was shocked that I didn’t accompany you. I didn’t know you were going to have general anesthesia. Did you know?” she asked her husband. She was surprised by the answer: “I asked for it!”. “Oh, was it you? Shit!” he amused himself. “But it’s okay, it’s home. Thank God he didn’t drive, everything is fine. I’ll take care of you, I swear,” he said.

Tata Estaniecki talks about the Cocielo operation

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The couple have been together since 2017. They married in two parties the following year: one in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and another in São Paulo. The two have a twoyearold daughter, Beatriz.

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