1664734060 Coach Poll Top 25 Alabama overtakes Georgia to reclaim first

Coach Poll Top 25: Alabama overtakes Georgia to reclaim first place in college football rankings

NCAA Football: Alabama in Arkansas


We’ve got a new #1 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll… and it’s a household name. It seems the voting members weren’t impressed with Georgia’s efforts to get past Missouri on Saturday night, but they were quite impressed with how Alabama treated Arkansas on the road despite losing star quarterback Bryce Young for most of the game . As a result, the Crimson Tide has leapfrogged Georgia and reclaimed first place for the first time since mid-September. The Tide received 34 first place votes versus Georgia’s 23.

Outside of the first two places, the top seven remain the same. Tennessee moved up from 9th to 8th, and Ole Miss and Penn State joined the top 10.

The largest declines within the survey are in Baylor (No. 14 to No. 22), Washington (No. 18 to No. 24), and Arkansas (No. 19 to No. 25). Oklahoma and Texas A&M were eliminated entirely after losing to TCU and Mississippi State, respectively, in Week 5.

Newcomers include Kansas, which rose from zero to 17th after a narrow win over Iowa State. TCU jumps in at No. 18 after their 31-point win over the Sooners, and UCLA debuts at No. 19.

Here’s a look at the entire top 25 as voted for by the 66 FBS coaches that make up the Coach Poll (first place votes in parentheses).

Coach Poll Top 25

  • Germany (34)
  • Georgia (23)
  • State of Ohio (7)
  • Michigan
  • Clemson
  • U.S.C
  • State of Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Ole Fraulein
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • Oregon
  • Kentucky
  • NC state
  • guard forest
  • BYU
  • Kansas
  • TCU
  • UCLA
  • State of Kansas
  • Syracuse
  • Baylor
  • State of Mississippi
  • Washington
  • Arkansas
  • Also get votes: Cincinnati 140; State of Louisiana 89; State of Florida 74; Florida 41; Washington State 38; Maryland 37; James Madison 30; Minnesota 23; Texas 22; Texas A&M 20; Air Force 20; Oklahoma 19; Coast Carolina 11; Purdue 10; North Carolina 9; Tulane 6; Notre Dame 5; Illinois 3; Central Florida 2; Pittsburgh 1; duke 1