CNN makes a new mistake and fires the entire team

CNN makes a new mistake and fires the entire team of Mari Palma and Siani Portal iG

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Popverso CNN anchors will be moved to other programs, as yet undetermined


With no audience and no sponsors, CNN Brasil decided to end once and for all excouple Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani’s PopVerso show, which only ran for six months on the news channel’s daily schedule. To make matters worse, the show’s entire team, including editors and producers, were fired. The only ones saved from beheading were the presenters.

CNN’s new freak surprised a lot of people. Even though the show was known to have high stakes, no sponsors, and no impact, it was considered an “oasis” in the schedule because it was completely removed from the dynamics of hard news.

What has fascinated many news channel employees are the perks anchors receive. Word in the hallways is that Mari and Phelipe are the ones who work the least and have the highest salaries. And now they will enjoy the “luxury” of a forced vacation until new projects are created that fit the schedule.

The column received the internal communication distributed to all employees on Thursday afternoon (28) about the new changes in the schedule, and only the last lines of the long text were devoted to the information that the entire team had been laid off .

With the end of PopVerso, CNN will revive for the umpteenth time the tired series “The Great Debate,” which was recently canceled from the program for exactly the same reason that decimated the excouple’s program: lack of audience and Investors, and because of the “artistic” excesses of the cast.

Starting next Monday (2), the show will air at 11 p.m., last just half an hour and will be directed by Leandro Magalhães, current CNN arena boss, who will now take over the duties. CNN’s debate team will feature the same people every day: Caio Coppolla and José Eduardo Cardozo.

We contacted CNN to request a spot on the new sidewalk but did not receive a response as of this writing. Below you can read the internal statement distributed to all station employees containing information about the dismissal of the entire PopVerso team:

“Team CNN Brasil,

The new phase of The Great Debate premieres next Monday, October 2nd.

In a new format, more concise and dynamic and at a new time, starting at 11 p.m., the program will feature two debaters Caio Coppolla and José Eduardo
Cardozo, commentator for CNN Brasil since April under the mediation of journalist and presenter Leandro Magalhães, who continues to direct CNN Arena.

“This movement demarcates the space of opinion in CNN Brasil’s programming and makes it clear to our viewers what is opinion and what is analysis.” We don’t want opinions disguised as information. In this sense, I reiterate that the general editorial line of television news remains analytical, with balance, respect and responsibility,” explains Virgilio Abranches, Vice President of Content and Operations, who currently leads the Vice Presidency of Journalism. “It may seem obvious, but it is always worth emphasizing: there are topics that are not up for debate: democracy, respect for institutions or crimes like racism, for example.” “With this reservation, which is surprisingly important these days, we are open to plurality,” he adds.

Leandro Magalhães will take over the position of journalist and presenter Luciana
Barreto, currently at the helm of the recently founded Brasil MeioDia. “My profile is that of an intermediary,” says Magalhães. “Our audience will have the opportunity to learn more about the opinions of our commentators, who bring different sides to each issue.”

With the new program of O Grande Debate, the Popverso CNN program leaves the CNN Brasil program. The moderators Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani remain in the house and are responsible for new projects. To the Popverso CNN team leaving CNN
Brazil, our thanks for everyone’s contribution so far and our wish for success in the next professional challenges.”

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