Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett is expected to be affected

Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett is expected to be affected by a sprained shoulder for 2-4 weeks, a source says

Myles Garrett’s shoulder injury, sustained in a car accident last week, is expected to handicap the Cleveland Browns star for the next two to four weeks, a source told ESPN.

Garrett could return to the Browns as early as next week against the Los Angeles Chargers, but he is expected to feel the effects of the shoulder injury for up to a month, according to the source.

Garrett was diagnosed with a sprained AC joint in his left shoulder and a right bicep strain following last Monday’s accident, when police said his 2021 Porsche went off the road, into a ditch and into a fire hydrant before he himself several times rolled over.

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The shoulder sprain is believed to be the more serious of the two injuries, according to the source, although the bicep strain could also affect Garrett for several weeks.

Garrett was ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons after initially being ruled questionable. The three-time Pro Bowler was discharged from a hospital in Akron, Ohio Monday night and has the concussion record cleared, according to the Browns.

Garrett, 26, also suffered cuts and bruises and told reporters on Friday he ruptured a blood vessel in his left eye, which was still visibly red. He said he was “definitely grateful” to be alive and recovering from injuries “quite quickly”.

“Definitely grateful to be here,” Garrett said. “With what I saw right after… the pictures. It was one hell of an event.”

Garrett crashed his car near Wadsworth, Ohio, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, who reiterated that drug or alcohol interference is not suspected. A passenger in the vehicle was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Garrett and the woman were both buckled up.