Cleo turns 40 and Gloria Pires posts a photo of

Cleo turns 40 and Gloria Pires posts a photo of the actress as a child: “My little baby, a huge woman”

Cleo turns 40 (2) this Sunday and has already won a number of tributes from friends and family on social media. Leandro D’Lucca, the actress’ husband, described her as “the best person in the world”. Gloria Pires, in turn, referred to her daughter as “my little baby” and “huge woman.” Orlando Morais, Cleo’s stepfather, called her “the beloved daughter of my heart.”

Gloria Pires posted a black and white photo of her as a child with Cleo. “My little baby, huge woman today is your day!” she began. Gratitude for choosing me to be your mother. Gratitude for the fundamental support for my path. Gratitude for sharing your love with me and always teaching me. i love you daughter All the happiness in your life darling!”

Leandro posted a series of photos taken on his wedding day with Cleo of them hugging. “Congratulations to the best people in the world! The coolest, true, intelligent, most wonderful, perceptive diva… I could write a thousand things about you, my perfect! I wish you good health, love and success in the things you do seek to achieve in your life! We are always together, you are connected! Ax my partner! I LOVE YOU!” he wrote in the publication’s caption.

Orlando Morais, the actress’ stepfather, shared a photo in which she looks overproduced and grimaces. “Beloved daughter of my heart. My sweet beast, the truest laughter I know. Proud to be in this life together, our struggles, our talks, your interplanetary gaze, capable of making the earth the most enchanting making planets in the galaxies. We had some good times, we had fun. Your strength made me understand the world. You are one of the most honest people I know. Your struggle is mine too. Happy birthday little daughter. Together forever!!!! Cheers!!!” he declared.

See the three’s tributes to Cleo: