Claudio Pizarro criticized the absence of Peruvians in the worlds

Claudio Pizarro criticized the absence of Peruvians in the world’s top leagues: "It’s a psychological problem"

Claudio Pizarro He is the most successful Peruvian footballer in the world, as his time in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen earned him titles and recognition through goals, which is reflected in his nickname: “Bomber of the Andes”. For this reason, the former captain of the Peruvian team is a more than legitimate voice to speak about national football and the players who emigrate abroad to develop in a more competitive environment.

Pizarro and his advice to Grimaldo, Quispe and Reyna

In a dialogue with La República, “Pizarrinha” referred to the new faces of Bicolor and emphasized this Joao Grimaldo, Piero Quispe and Bryan Reyna They have performed outstandingly: “You are young and have joined the national team. They do their job very well. It is important that the people who join the national team make a contribution, whether they are young people or people with experience or origin from other countries.”

Claudio Pizarro criticized the absence of Peruvians in the worldsJoao Grimaldo, Bryan Reyna and Piero Quispe are part of the Blanquirroja’s generational change. Photo: LR Composition

Pizarro on Peruvians who are not successful abroad

Likewise, the former striker expressed his concern about compatriots who make the leap to the Old Continent but fail to stay or stand out at their club: “Unfortunately, they don’t go to Europe, or those who leave return. I think.” It’s a personal question of adjustment. There are situations that are difficult and complicated, sometimes you don’t adapt to new situations. It’s more of a psychological question because if the conditions are there, there would be no reason not to adapt. It’s the mentality.”

1695922822 560 Claudio Pizarro criticized the absence of Peruvians in the worldsClaudio Pizarro had a successful career in Europe. Photo: Bayern Munich

Pizarro about footballers with Peruvian roots

Regarding the “signing” of Gianluca Lapadula and the impending arrival of Oliver Sonne and the young player Felipe Chávez from FC Bayern Munich, Pizarro spoke about the footballers of Peruvian descent, but also left harsh criticism: “My concern is nothing.” What was special was to see in the boys who came out and now it costs so much for them to come out. It is important to do a job with more dedication and give more importance to youth work in Peruvian football, it is the future; the players who “They won’t stay forever.”

“If important work isn’t done among the young players, you won’t see any further development or players with qualities that make it possible to get into the national team or do important things,” said the former goalscorer.

1695922825 448 Claudio Pizarro criticized the absence of Peruvians in the worldsThe Peruvian team recruits several foreign players with Peruvian descent. Photo: LR Composition

Pizarro on Reynoso’s start in the 2026 qualifiers

At the beginning of the 2026 South American qualifiers, the “Bombardero” showed his support for Juan Reynoso’s technical management: “Getting a point away is important and a defeat against Brazil is not that tragic.” He also emphasized that he is now As another fan, I experience: “It is important to promote and support this process.”