Claudio Bravo called Pedro Gallese ‘naive’ and the Australia keeper thought he was ‘intelligent’.

Claudio Bravo called Pedro Gallese ‘naive’ and the Australia keeper thought he was ‘intelligent’.

The pain still persists. The Peruvian team fell 4-5 on penalties to Australia, ending the dream of more than 30 million Peruvians to reach the championship World Cup Qatar 2022. After that tough elimination, however, various details of the penalty shootout began to come to light. Thus, after seeing a strange video of the Australian goalkeeper, netizens accused him of playing dirty.

At the maximum rate Pedro Gallese He went to drink water and look at the notes he had. But seconds later Andrew Redmayne approached things ‘Octopus’ and threw the tomato aside. At that precise moment, a small sheet of paper is seen falling and the Australian, noticing this, approaches again to take the goalkeeper’s notes Two Tone.

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After this video went viral, the Australian goalkeeper was heavily criticized on the networks. In this context Claudia Brave, Referee of the Chilean team, spoke about the movements of Redmayne and the act of throwing things away Gallese. “For me, it’s not about being a clown, it’s about being smarter than your rival. They classify him as a clown because he moves and tries to put the performer in a state of nervousness. He shouldn’t do what he does with the bottle afterwards.”

On the other side the goalkeeper the Red one It was difficult with the number 1 of the Peruvian team. “And the other very naive. You can’t blink,” he said.

Comments. Photo: Twitter Pedro Gallese

When do the next qualifiers start?

The qualification process for the World Cup 2026 would begin in March 2023 and last until 2025 Conmebol He has yet to confirm the full schedule, but DirecTV Sports journalist Juan José Buscalia released that tentative date.

When will the Peru team play again?

Even though he’s out World Cup Qatar 2022, The national team has already agreed on an international match. A few weeks ago, Blanquirroja confirmed that they will face Mexico at the FIFA date in September.