Claudio Baglioni left his partner for a familiar face of television: Scoop on social media

Claudio Baglioni left his partner for a familiar face of television: Scoop on social media

Claudio Baglioni, leaves his partner to do the rounds on social media for a well-known face of Italian television

Claudio BaglioniClaudio Baglioni –

Claudio Baglioni is one of the most popular singers ever. His songs have still made several generations fall in love and today he is one of the most popular artists in the Italian program.

The singer’s career is peppered with many satisfactions and important awards, and in his career he has not limited himself to just being a singer and musician. In fact, Baglioni has done several television shows in recent years that have been very successful and followed by the public. Success and emotions always shared with his wife Claudia Massari. The two now they have been together for years and she was one of his first fans and followed the singer everywhere during his concerts and shows.

However, rumor has it that the love between the two has ended and the reason for their split is said to be a familiar face on Italian television.

Claudio Baglioni leaves his wife for her

Apparently, in the last few hours, the well-known Italian singer has come under the spotlight for a message that has shocked his fans. Especially according to some rumours Claudia He would no longer be with his wife, in fact they separated after many years.

Some rumors even suggest that the reason for this breakup is due to a new acquaintance on Claudio’s part. However, it is not that new, in fact these rumors would refer to the beautiful and very beautiful Virginia Raffaele.

In fact, the two seem to be together a lot lately and she was always there at his concerts and especially behind the scenes. To confirm this alleged participation, some indiscretions have come from the singer’s fans, testimonies of photos and screens as suspicious as they are. To give this news would be Deianira Marzano, who published in his Instagram stories the account of a user who has collected some clues and comes to the point where he suspects a relationship between Claudio and Virginia:

“Deiaaaa, Claudio Baglioni and Virginia Raffaele should have a story, you know something? She posted a photo with #one and two, which is a song from Claudio’s new album. He was at his show in the theater, she was at his behind-the-scenes concert yesterday, Claudio’s manager commented on social media “You are beautiful”. There are a few other songs on Baglioni’s latest CD that raised suspicions. The partner has not been seen on her tour for a long time, before that she was omnipresent. In Virginia’s last photo with him, she only likes comments that mention those songs. This rumor has been circulating among Claudio’s fans for a while, but now I think it’s all back.”

Everything documented by several screens:

Claudio BaglioniClaudio Baglioni – Claudio BaglioniClaudio Baglioni –

In short, certainly nothing is certain, but the clues still lead us to believe that something is about to be born between the two.