Claudia Ruggeri, the bikini can’t believe it: explosive

Claudia Ruggeri, the bikini can’t believe it: explosive

Claudia Ruggeri inspires and enchants her fans again and again. On Instagram, the “Miss” from “Come on another” surprised everyone with a shot to make them go nuts. The photo has achieved tremendous success in a very short time, with numerous likes and comments under the post.

come one more‘ Has also been confirmed for next season. That means the show continued to air channel 5 and performed by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti will reach share 12 in the program edition box. An incredible result that testifies to the great success of the Sui Generis quiz of the show that has been on the air since last year 2011.

Claudia RuggeriClaudia Ruggeri

The program launched several “characters” played by many different actors who have long been part of the quiz team. Among these there are also Claudia Ruggeri. The Roman model and actress is part of the cast of “come one more‚ÄúSince the first editions of the program. A thing that made her one of the most present protagonists of the show.

Just remember that Ruggeri had the opportunity to interpret different “characters”. Recently, the model had the opportunity to play the role of “Ms Claudia”. Through in the grungy dynamics of the quiz Paolo Bonolisthat of Ruggeri is one of the most important in the program, similar to those of the “bonas“. The success of “Avanti unaltra” is also reflected in the model’s social profile. Ruggeri is indeed very popular on social networks, and her participation in the television show has also led to an important increase in the following on social platforms.

In fact, Claudia Ruggeri is very popular on social media, especially on Instagram. On the well-known platform, the Roman sings about a “fan base” of over 1.2 million followers. Users who follow Ruggeri are most likely viewers of “Avanti unaltra”. So this means that the program, directed by the Bonolis-Laurenti couple, has hit the mark and registers a very high number of plays each year. Ruggeri’s number of followers is also high because the frequency with which the Roman publishes new posts on Instagram is very high. In fact, you can see a new recording almost every day. Posts that are very successful. In fact, under each post there are many “likes” and comments from fans. One thing that also interested the last published post where Ruggeri is lying on his side wearing only a bikini or a black and blue underwear set. Claudia RuggeriClaudia Ruggeri