City councilor Felipe Becari is being investigated for embezzlement of public funds

City councilor Felipe Becari is being investigated for embezzlement of public funds

The LeoDias column discovered that Felipe Becari, a former plainclothes police officer and current São Paulo City Councilor for the União Brasil party, is under investigation for the crime of embezzlement (embezzlement of public funds). The politician, who is known on social media as an animal rights activist and who is dating actress and former BBB Carla Diaz, would have used government money to create and update his official website on a monthly basis. Expenditures exceed R$ 110,000.

In the documents that this column has acquired exclusively, it is possible to analyze the accountability of the city council in 2021. Inside is a company called Atos 360 LTDA (CNPJ: 40.439.299/000108), which was formed in late January 2021 in the name of Mayra Morelli Gaia Fujie and until October of the same year issued notes only for Felipe Becari’s office, once in the month. In the description of these notices, it is indicated that these values ​​refer to the maintenance of the website “”. According to the survey, Atos 360 costs well above market value for a site of this size.

CarlaDiazeFelipeBecariCarla Diaz and Felipe Becari

Carla Diaz and Felipe Becari are togetherReproduction

Felipe BecariFelipe Becari

Councilor elected Felipe Becari at ICUREproduction

Advertisement from the Metropoles partnerFelipeBecari2Philip Becari (2)

He was the fourth most elected councilor in São Paulo

Felipe Becari (3) (1)

On social media, he shows good form and free time

Phillip Becari (1)

He is the founder of a cause that defends animals

Carla Diaz and Felipe Becari

Carla and Becari have dinner together


The managing partner is Mayra Morelli Gaia Fujie and with a simple internet search we discovered that she is a first cousin of Councilor Felipe Becari’s chief of staff. She also performs the role of weight loss coaching, which is unrelated to the maintenance of the website or other services within the CNPJ Atos 360 activities. The total cost of creating and maintaining Carla Diaz’s friend’s website is more than R$ 110,000.00; and this amount was paid with public money.

Before examining the requests for breaches of banking and tax secrecy, prosecutors ask the City Council of the State of São Paulo to demonstrate whether there is obstruction or illegality in the use of public funds to pay for expenses related to the provision of services by a company , which is partnered and owned by a cousin of the Councilman’s Chief of Staff.

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