Ciro Gomes and Gregorio Duvivier trade barbs during debate Bolsonaro

Ciro Gomes and Gregório Duvivier trade barbs during debate; Bolsonaro scoffs THE PEOPLE

The debate between the presidential candidate and former minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) and the presenter and comedian Gregório Duvivier, which took place on social networks last Friday 20th, had an impact on digital platforms. After initial praise, the discussion developed into an exchange of criticism, accusations and complaints from both sides.

The debate came a week after the HBO show Greg News aired, in which Duvivier urged Ciro voters to vote for former President Lula (PT) in the first round of the 2022 election, stating that it was necessary to “the Saving democracy”, because According to the humorist, there is a risk of a breach in democracy if President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) moves into the second round and loses the election.

The speech prompted a reaction from Ciro, who invited Gregory to the debate that same week and later criticized him, claiming the comedian had “Zelensky Syndrome,” in reference to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who, before he became a politician. She was a comedian.

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the debate

After opening his speech with praise, Ciro asked Gregory if he thought the pedist’s candidacy would pose a threat to democracy. The comedian responded that he had never made such a statement, treating it as Ciro’s “first factual error” in the conversation.

The moderator was critical of Ciro’s earlier speeches and denied any intention of getting into politics. “I’m not a candidate for anything and I understand that you want to do that because since no candidate wants to debate, call a comedian for the debate and treat them as a candidate,” he said.

Elsewhere, Duvivier accused the precandidate of calling him “small and stoner” during his last live performance on Tuesday the 17th. The speech was immediately challenged by Ciro, who denied authorship and claimed it was a lie.

“I never called you a little stoner. Admire you man,” said the pedestrian. The presidential candidate indicated that Duvivier was uninformed and urged him to publicly fire employees for allegedly misinforming him.

Elsewhere, the pedetista says Gregorio made a “rehearsed move” when he said he thought it wrong to call Lula corrupt because he was acquitted in trials he was the target of.

“That’s a PT lie, he had the trials annulled and resorted to the presumption of innocence, but he wasn’t acquitted (…) I think you’re making a rehearsed move, I think there are papers on your desk and people who talk to you, say it now”.

WHAT WAS THIS?????????

— jairme (@jairmearrependi) May 20, 2022

Gregory then took the camera, which he sent into his house, showed the empty table and said that there was nobody in the room but him. In some moments of the virtual debate, the comedian was interrupted by Ciro, which prevented him from reaching a conclusion or starting a reflection.

The presenter even said that Ciro was “boring as hell” that he called the person to debate and didn’t let them talk. “You debated alone, fighting the shadow,” he explained at one point in the dialogue.

During the debate, Ciro criticized Lula and attributed terms like “corrupt” to the PT. Duvivier countered by saying for Ciro, “Everything is Lula.” The comedian had started to engage in the debate and said he was critical of the former PT president, although he understood he was the best option to defeat Bolsonaro.

Duvivier again defended the argument that Bolsonaro would find it very difficult to carry out a coup if he lost in the first round “because he has to invalidate the election of 513 MPs and a good 20 governors”. Ciro asked for an aside and disagreed.

“It’s a journey to imagine Bolsonaro scared of a coup in the first or second round. If Lula wins at 50 and a belly, Bolsonaro will have every lying reason to escalate the coup attempt because Lula has never won in the first round, either at the peak of his popularity or in reelection. (…) Let’s go slowly”, he asked.

At the end of the debate, Ciro reiterated his praise for Gregório, who he said was a fan, although emphasizing the disagreements in politics. The former minister again criticized the PT before it ended its live broadcast, defending a renewal against a new current.

Bolsonaristas scoff

On social media, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) poked fun at the debate between Ciro and Duvivier by posting a montage showing him watching TV.

A screenshot of the debate appeared on the screen. Though Bolsonaro didn’t include a caption in the publication, the tongueincheek tone was evident in the comments from the president’s supporters.

— Jair M. Bolsonaro (@jairbolsonaro) May 21, 2022

One profile commented on Bolsonaro’s post claiming that it’s getting harder and harder not to like Ciro. Along with the commentary was a clip from the show where Ciro says Lula was not exonerated and that the PT is lying about the former President’s innocence.

Gregório: “I think it is wrong to call Lula corrupt since he has been exonerated.” Here comes Ciro and throws the truth in his face,” wrote Bolsonar Federal MP Bia Kicis, republishing the same passage.

Gregório: “I think it’s wrong to call Lula corrupt since he was exonerated.” Then Ciro comes and throws the truth in his face: he wasn’t exonerated, that’s a lie of the PT.

Bia Kicis (@Biakicis) May 21, 2022

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