1672670848 Cintia Dicker makes fun of her daughter in the hospital

Cintia Dicker makes fun of her daughter in the hospital: “It hurts a lot”

On December 26th, Peter Scooby and Cintia Dicker welcomed Aurora, the couple’s first child. However, the baby underwent two surgeries shortly after birth and is still admitted to intensive care.

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Last Sunday, January 1, the model shared a photo of her New Year’s Eve with her family on her Instagram Stories and vented.

“My safe haven right there. Yesterday at home because unfortunately the intensive care unit closes at night, with our family, with our decisions, our pain (and it hurts a lot), hoping that everything will work out and somehow find strength because our daughter needs us well. We asked God together to start the year with good news and He answered our request,” she said.

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Then the famous asked for more respect. “Let’s start the year with respect. Nobody knows what the other is feeling. Pray, stay with God and love in your heart,” he concluded.

The surfer is already a father to Dom, ten, and twins Bem and Liz, seven, fruits of his relationship Luana Piovani.

Cintia Dicker vented on social mediaCintia Dicker vented on social media Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@cintiadicker


The arrival of 2023 has caused many people to take stock of the past year, hasn’t it? And it was no different with Luana Piovani. The actress and presenter texted and ended up pinning her exhusband Pedro Scooby. Ever since the surfer gave his three kids cell phones for Christmas, the two have been at war.

Luana posted a selfhelp authoring video Dimas Rodrigues and captioned: “From story to feed so I can record I beat the game this year. I have planted, harvested, lit, propagated and chosen to continue using my voice to shed light on relevant issues. I was labeled the pop diva of solo motherhood and besides having fun, I understood that this is another banner for my huge stage.”

“I will not give a poster to sexists and their supporters, even if they are my equal. Sabbath is necessary. I will continue to fulfill my duties beautifully and claim all my rights. I will use all my strength and reach to tend to the sisters and expand necessary and relevant discussions. Party is over! No more costars in Globoplay’s reality and documentary for those who don’t respect me.”

Luana didn’t name Scooby, but we all know that the actress promoted Scooby in 2022’s Big Brother Brasil 22 and took part in the documentary A Vida é Irada, Vamos Curtir, which tells the surfer’s story.

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