Cintia Dicker comments on alleged party while daughter stays in

Cintia Dicker comments on alleged party while daughter stays in hospital

Observatory of the Famous

Posted on 2/1/2023 2:57 PM

    (Image credit: Playback/Instagram)

(Image credit: Playback/Instagram)

The daughter of Pedro Scooby and Cintia Dicker has been hospitalized since birth and has had two surgeries. The celebrities didn’t reveal the reason and this new year the model was fired and ended up being accused of attending a party while her daughter is still in the hospital.

Cintia decided to speak out in the face of the allegations and denied having been to a party. However, she explained that she spent New Year’s Eve with her family, who she believes is her safe haven, and said that in order to empower Aurora, they needed to be strong.

“The intensive care unit closes at night”

“My safe haven right there! Yesterday at home (because unfortunately the intensive care unit closes at night), with our family, with our decisions, our pain (and it hurts a lot), hoping everything will be fine,” Cintia began.

The model continued to resist: “Somehow finding strength because our daughter needs us well. We asked God together to start the year with good news, and He answered our requests.”

Finally, Cintia Dicker called for more respect and empathy, since nobody knows what actually happens behind social networks.

“Let’s start the year with: Respect. Nobody knows what the other is feeling. Pray and abide by God and love in your heart,” he concluded.

The post “Cintia Dicker speaks out on alleged party while daughter stays in hospital” was first published in the Observatório dos Famosos.

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