1675635784 Cienciano admin confirms meeting with FPF We hope for an

Cienciano admin confirms meeting with FPF: “We hope for an agreement”

Cienciano admin confirms meeting with FPF We hope for an

Sergio Ludeña announced that he would meet with the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) to resolve the television rights issue and reach an agreement.

scientist He did not show up for the game he had against UTC de Cajamarca and lost by free kick, 3-0. The Cusqueño team is one of the seven clubs that have decided not to take part League 1 Betsson after failing to solve the broadcast rights issue they have with me Peruvian Football Federation (FPF). In this sense, the administrator of Cienciano, Sergio Ludeña, confirmed that they will meet with the highest governing body of Peruvian football in the first days of this week.

“The decree is signed and authorized. We will meet with the federation and hope to reach an agreement, most likely it will happen during the week,” said Ludeña after leaving the Alejandro Villanueva stadium after a friendly between the intimate side and Cienciano. When asked , which agreements they are looking for, the manager indicated that the contracts are being honored.

He also pointed out that they have no specific request to the FPF and that they hope to reach a fair consensus for both parties. “We are between two positions that do not meet, we will try to find the way to an agreement.” Ludeña also admitted that if they don’t reach an agreement at this meeting, they will speak to the other seven clubs that have refused to take part in the Peru tournament to gauge how to proceed next.

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Cienciano’s next game

Cienciano hosts Cusco FC for the 4th match day of the Betsson 1 League 2023 at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Stadium.