quotCiacci insulted me by Barbara dUrsoquot the background of the

"Ciacci insulted me by Barbara d’Urso": the background of the influencer

Alisha Griffantibetter known as La Diva del Tubo, spoke of the Big brother VIP Revealing a background with the protagonist Giovanni Ciaccicurrent competitor of the most spied house in Italy.

Influencer attacked by Giovanni Ciacci: “He insulted me out of nowhere”, background from d’Urso

One afternoon on TV, the two found themselves backstage on the show Barbara d’Urso and as soon as they enter the studio, Ciacci would not have behaved well with the influencer:

So you know I don’t follow this horrible program called GF Vip. I want to talk about one of the competitors that I have known personally and who is showing himself for what he is.

Of course I find it shameful to bully someone who claims to be depressed. I don’t think he’s done anything bad in the house other than talking about his problems. But how do you bully her?

Anyway, this guy called Ciacci, I don’t know his name, the one with the blue goatee. I did an episode of Afternoon 5, apart from being immediately awkward from being all alone in a corner backstage. There were girls and everyone interacted.

It was an episode dedicated to weird outfits, but then we talked about kicking in the balls and Barbara got a fine from codacons.

The story goes on:

The fact is that I ended up sitting next to this Ciacci and him offended me out of nowhere. Aside from “who the hell are you?” Who the hell am I here? I still don’t know who the hell this guy is, never seen on the internet”. And he insulted me and said, “How the hell do you dress?” and I replied “how the fuck are you does?”, the microphones were off and that sentence wasn’t heard and then Barbara spoke upstairs and there was no debate between me and him.

Him from scratch, among other things I had a beautiful Elisabetta Franchi dress… What the hell do you want? That thing wasn’t heard in the episode because we turned off the mics. But so that you understand who this person is and what we saw today.

I’m sorry to admit it, but starting today Giovanni Ciacci doesn’t make a good impression Big brother VIP: What do you think about it?

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