Chyno Miranda’s mother was not silent towards Natasha Araos

Chyno Miranda’s mother was not silent towards Natasha Araos

Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino

Last week the news shocked that the ex-wife of the Venezuelan singer Chyno MirandaThe business woman Natasha AraosShe had denounced Miranda and wanted to fight for custody of their child. Luca. The Creole’s mother was furious and wanted to expose her Wake up America.

In the complaint, Araos alleges that the interpreter is not communicating with the child and is not complying with economic obligations established at the time of the separation, which is why he wants to gain parental authority over the 3-year-old baby.

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In an interview for the show of Univision, Alcira Perez OchoaMiranda’s firstborn grandmother denied Natasha’s allegations. “I really don’t agree with the lawsuit or the things she said because she says she hasn’t contacted me, but on 1 she wanted to strip him of parental authority because he wasn’t seeing or communicating with the child , but I told him to understand that he was in a clinic.”he voiced.

Pérez assured that they offered him support for Lucca and his mother did not accept them: “I said to him, ‘Why don’t we agree? I’ll give you $500 a month for your food. She asks him for child support and things he can’t give due to the fact that he’s in the hospital. Every time I come to the clinic he asks me about Lucca, he asks me for photos of him, so it’s not fair what she’s doing.”

Regarding the artist’s current situation, he said that he is still in therapy and they did not explain in court what they would decide about him. She added that she is trying to disable him for his best until, when he recovers, he can resume his career and normal life, just as he took the opportunity to deny that she or her niece Yarubay Zapata They stole money from the singer.

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