Chronicle in Brazil You live on the streets because of

Chronicle in Brazil: You live on the streets “because of Bolsonaro” and voted for Lula "because it helps the poor… Chronicle

Two men living on the street Brazil spoke to the journalist Esteban “El Pelado” Trebucqin full historical coverage of HD Chronicle in the elections in the neighboring country. Both stated that they had voted for the candidate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva because he “is the one who helps the poor”. In the meantime, a vote will take place on October 30th.

During his tour of the hotel where the former president and leader of the Labor Party (PT) resides, Trebucq spoke to two homeless people.

Like all day, from the streets of Saint Paulthe driver of HD Chronicle informed about the political and social climate in the neighboring country Jair Bolsonaro seek re-election.

“I’ve lived here for three years,” one of the men explained to the special envoy HD Chronicle. There he asked them who they voted for, and both mentioned the former president Lula da Silva.

“Lula is the one who helps the poor,” observed the person sitting on a street sidewalk Saint Paul. “It will help us, it will give us work,” he added ahead of the historic Brazilian leaders’ possible win.

Then Trebucq asked them about their situation and they pointed out that they were left on the street “because of Bolsonaro”. One of the São Paulo men mentioned that he was a professional car washer and the other remarked that he was a fan of Corinthians, a club to which the PT boss belongs.

Also the cameras HD Chronicle They showed live how the Brazilians looked at the results of the elections in the street situation, in which the brother peoples also had to elect governors of the various states.

On the other hand, according to the latest official data, Lula overtook Bolsonaro by 4 points but failed to reach the 50% required by law to prevail in the first ballot.

In this way, the former president received just over 47% of the vote, while the current president was supported by 44.3% of the electorate. The election will take place on October 30th.