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Chronicle: 663.9 kilos: the heaviest pumpkin in Tulln NÖ


Austria’s heaviest pumpkins have been picked at the “Garten Tulln” every autumn for the past twelve years. On Saturday, the winning fruit weighed in at 663.9 kilograms – not a record, but there was still something new this year.

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With a proud 663.9 kilos, the pumpkin of the “Atlantic Giant” variety from breeder Friedrich Melka of Ried am Riederberg (Tuln district) prevailed against about 40 other pumpkin giants. And by far: second place goes to Christoph Zeller de Pichl near Wels in Upper Austria. His pumpkin, also an “Atlantic Giant”, weighed 591.9 kilos.

Third place was again achieved by Friedrich Melka with the “Squash” variety weighing 558.4 kilos – something that has never happened before. In total, there were participants from six federal states. A total of nearly ten tons of vegetables weighed. The winner of the giant pumpkin state championship can expect a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

The Austrian State Giant Pumpkin Championship on October 1, 2022 at GARTEN TULLN

Johannes Ehn The three heaviest pumpkins in Austria 2022

2020 record lost

But this year no one came close to the 2020 record – at that time the heaviest “Bluza” weighed 735.7 kilograms. “The heat was an issue this year,” Melka said. “The pumpkin giants are the result of the great passion and perseverance that all participants have invested in their ‘Bluza’ in recent months”, emphasizes Provincial Councilor Martin Eichtinger (ÖVP).

The twelfth edition of the Austrian State Giant Pumpkin Championships at the GARTEN TULLN was once again a crowd-pleaser this year. The giant pumpkin cannot be eaten yet. Another trip of around 700 kilometers is planned for next week, and the European Championship will take place in Ludwigsburg (Germany).