Christian Yaipén: Why did you almost drop out of the renowned US music university Berklee?  Republic of Peru

Christian Yaipén: Why did you almost drop out of the renowned US music university Berklee? Republic of Peru

One of the youngest voices in Peruvian cumbia and a member of the Grupo 5 orchestra, Christian Yaipén brought pride to his family after graduating from the prestigious Berklee Music University in 2015. This great merit for his artistic career was the result of an arduous path full of sacrifices, as the youngest of the Yaipén confessed in an interview.

“I lived alone for five years, studied, it was not easy at all. I had to suffer, there were times when I had nothing to eat. It wasn’t because he was from Group 5 that he called to say send me money. I was also aware of the sacrifice everyone was making. My mom sold her truck to pay for my college education,” he said..

He also revealed that the economic hardships he was going through at the time would make him drop out of university. Before I finished my studies, two semesters later, I told my professor that I would drop out because it was too expensive.”

Christian Yaipén graduated from the renowned Berklee University. Photo: Andes

Scholarship from Christian Yaipén

This teacher, who was not only Peruvian but also one of the directors of the university, recommended him so that he could get a scholarship. As part of the process, Christian had to meet with the directors of Berklee tell them about your talents and skills. At that time, the youngest of the Yaipén emphasized his experience as a cumbia singer group 5.

Immediately they suggested that he should prepare a presentation to see what rhythm it was. Christian got to work and made a mix that combined the famous themes “You will pay” and “private property”a tribute to his father, played by pure students from the prestigious university.

Christian Yaipén sang Peruvian cumbia at the renowned Berklee University. Photo: Capture Berklee College of Music/YouTube

“When they see that, the Berklee vice president himself tells me, ‘What rhythm is that?’ and I reply that it’s Peruvian-style cumbia. ‘Wow, that’s going to help you a lot,’ he told me, and they gave me a $7,500 tuition scholarship,” he revealed.

This financial support enabled him to successfully complete his studies as without it he would have a hard time graduating.

Christian Yaipén was accompanied by his family when he graduated

In a report for the program “Day D”, Christian Jaipen shared his degree with his family Berklee University of Music. During the interview, the eldest sons of Elmer Yaipén, founder of Grupo 5, shared how the youngest of the family decided to pursue his dream away from his mother. Likewise, the cumbia group’s singer opened up about getting accepted to the university.

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Christian Yaipén covers his father’s song

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Christian Jaipen surprises all Peruvians and even more the followers team 5 when he decided to take the microphone and sing one of his father’s songs, Elmer Yaipén. At that time, the youngest of the Yaipén Quesquén brothers interpreted “Private Property” and “Pagarás”.

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Christian Yaipén commemorates his father on his birthday: “Here we continue your legacy”

“A hug to heaven, handsome daddy. Happy Birthday. Here we follow your example and your legacy,” the “La subienda” performer wrote, along with a photo where you can see his father and the cumbiambero when he was a baby in a pool.

Messages from his followers were not long in coming as they also saluted the remembered “Pharaoh of Cumbia”. “Heaven’s Embrace for Teacher Elmer Celestino Yaipén Uypan”, “Heaven’s Celebrating. “Happy Birthday and Kiss for the Best Singers”, “Happy Birthday” were some of the highlights.

Christian Yaipén shares a photo with his father Elmer Yaipén. Photo: Christian Yaipén/Instagram.

The Voice Peru: Christian Yaipén is happy to see the ex-Group 5 singer at the audition

Christian Yaipén was moved by the presentation of Edu Lecca, a former member of Grupo 5, from Trujillo, who took the stage at “La voz Perú” with the song “I will never forget you” by Cristian Castro. “I’m very glad you’re standing here,” admitted the coach – after running over to give him a hug – after blocking team-mate Noel Shayris. “It’s a diamond,” he assured as he welcomed his former partner to his team. VIDEO: Latin

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Christian Yaipén was mad at Daniela Darcourt in “La voz Peru”

In the program of August 13th Christian Jaipen Y Daniela Darcourt They had a moment of tension before a reaction came from the gravy boat to the title of Group 5’s new song, “Una noche con conte.” In light of this, the singer told him not to “get upset”, indicating that this was the song and that it was not an indirect one. Darcourt didn’t like his answer and he reacted immediately, so the group leader asked him to calm down. “Why does he always want to fight, why do you always want to fight?” he said.

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Christian invited a candidate from “La voz” to sing with Grupo 5

Christian Jaipen played in an emotional moment when he surprised Pedro Crisante, a competitor “The voice” which was eliminated with a rather interesting suggestion. Leader from group 5 invited the performer to join them at their next show in the contestant’s home country.

“If I play in Piura, can you please sing a song with Grupo 5? They’ll ask for your number right away and we’ll get back to you,” were the words the orchestra leader used to move the young man.

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A candidate from Christian Yaipén’s team traveled to Lima by motorbike

Deyker Hernández, the singer taking part in “La voz Perú” in Christian Yaipén’s team, shared the details of his journey to be able to achieve the casting of the program. The 34-year-old Venezuelan revealed he had to travel alone and on a motorbike from Huanuco to the capital.

The time when Christian Yaipén shared the stage with Ángelo Villanueva in La Voz Kids Perú

Ángelo Villanueva, the finalist of La Voz Kids 2021, performed alongside Christian Yaipén in the final of the singing competition. Both performed the song “Morir de amor” by Grupo 5, the same orchestra to which the singer belongs.

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How old is Christian Yaipen?

Christian Yaipén was born on January 19, 1994 in Lima, Peru. Currently, the popular singer is 28 years old.

Berklee: the oldest contemporary music school in the world

Berklee College of Music is the oldest contemporary music school in the world and the largest and best known of its kind.

It was founded in 1945 and, unlike traditional conservatories, it offers its students courses, degrees and diplomas in a variety of musical disciplines, also focusing on contemporary rhythms such as jazz genres and fusions with all kinds of styles from around the world.

Berklee should not be confused with the University of California’s Berkeley campus, which is also known in academia for its outstanding alumni.

Berklee College of Music is the oldest contemporary music school in history. Photo: Youtube

When was Group 5 founded?

The emblematic cumbia group was founded in 1973 in the town of Monsefú, Chiclayo. Currently the leaders of the orchestra are the Yaipén Quesquén brothers: Elmer, Andy and Christian and the sons of Elmer.

It should be noted that initially they played ballads, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that they switched to the cumbia genre when they saw groups like Agua Marina and Armonía 10 make the music genre famous.

Why did the Yaipén brothers split from Group 5?

The duo formed by Javier and Walter came about after Elmer Junior Yaipén, Elmer’s son, took over as conductor of the orchestra. A series of misunderstandings and a breakdown in communication prompted the Hermans Yaipén to start their own project. “’Chico’ and his brothers were not well advised, they were told they could do the project. We found out because communications were down,” Walter said.

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Edu Lecca moves Christian Yaipén: “For the first time someone makes me understand the song”

The participant from “The voice” Edu Lecca moved Christian Yaipén with his interpretation of the song “Stay with him”. “I’ll tell you that Edu was the one who originally recorded the song when he was part of Grupo 5 four years ago (…) Every time he sang it, he sang in tune, but today you have a lot broadcast, for the first time I think someone will make me understand the song,” he said. Likewise, Lecca mentioned that his dream is to be successful with his orchestra, just like Elmer Yaipén’s team: “I fight it every week because sometimes the doors close.”

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How many siblings does Christian Yaipén have?

There are three Yaipén brothers in total, namely Walter and Javier, who complete the trio of brothers. Both with many years of experience and musical careers form a new musical alternative with Walter jaipen Uypan the director, manager and drummer and Javier jaipen Uypan the musical director, pianist and arranger of the orchestra.

Walter and Javier are conductors of the Hermanos Yaipén Orchestra. Photo: spread

Christian Yaipén regards his brother Elmer as a father

In one of the editions of “La voz Perú”, Christian Jaipen He had the support of his brother Elmer Yaipén, where the Grupo 5 singer took the moment to dedicate some warm words to his relative. “Elmer is the head of the family after my father died; He’s like my second father. Before I do anything, I always tell him about it and try to be in tune with him,” he said.

What is the Yaipén brothers’ most popular song?

When searching for the group’s name on YouTube, the song “I need a love” turns up with more than 17 million views, making it their most famous song to date. You can listen to it below.

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What is the relationship between Grupo 5 and Hermanos Yaipén?

Grupo 5 is a Peruvian cumbia and merengue band formed in 1973 in the city of Monsefú, Chiclayo province. Its current leaders are the Yaipén Quesquén brothers: Elmer, Andy and Christian, who also make up the Hermanos Yaipén Orchestra.

Who is the Los Hermanos Yaipén Orchestra?

Conducted by Javier and Walter Yaipén, they will be joined by Alexis Dávila (lead singer), Fary Martínez and Donnie Yaipén (one of the main composers and arrangers of the orchestra, in addition to the role of singer).