Christian De Sica enraged the attack in public |  He can’t take it anymore, harsh words

Christian De Sica enraged the attack in public | He can’t take it anymore, harsh words

Christian De Sica’s fierce eruption is indeed a very tough attack. Wrote a message on social media, who is it for?

Christian de Sica He is certainly one of the Italian actors who knows best how to catalyze the love of the audience. It must be said that the fact of being a son of art does not have any significant influence on a career full of satisfaction anyway. Of course, having a father like Vittorio De Sica, who is indeed one of the most respected Italian filmmakers in the world, will certainly have helped Christian understand certain types of dynamics.

Christian de SicaChristian De Sica (web source)

But there is also another side of the coin that needs to be underlined. This ability to know how to detach from the label, travel on their own specific trail. And so Christian brings with him a long and important wealth of experience. Some moments of his career were extraordinary and the audience enjoyed it so much. The period of the “Cinepanettoni”, for example, was one in which De Sica found a very important impetus.

The couple Christian e Massimo Boldi it was one of the most popular. Her films have gone down in the history of Italian cinema, if only because they were able to attract thousands of people to the cinemas. Of course we are not talking about masterpieces or films comparable to those of Vittorio De Sica, but Christian and Massimo have built a cinematic trend that has left its mark on the collective imagination.

Christian De Sica, the outburst on social media is really, really intense

In recent years, the good Christian has been able to keep up, even rewriting himself. Yes, because the role of movie actor it brought him success and satisfaction, but he also tried other kinds of experiences. On the big screen as a director with Old Friends and They’re Just Ghosts. But also the commitment to the theater, which has recently become very important: the public also appreciates the good De Sica for his live shows.

Stories by Christian De SicaStories by Christian De Sica (Instagram)

Christian is also very active on Social. In fact, his Instagram profile is constantly updated, with many photos and videos, but also with posters related to the actor’s works. In the last few hours, however, Christian has come up with a violent outburst on social media.

The attack is very violent and hurls against what is being done right now through this platform. “But some people aren’t broken balls to publish what they eat while they dance hugging and then hate, the panoramas in the discos don’t matter, the dives from the luxury motor boats that are funny. Stop. But is it possible to have become such farmers?”, Christian’s words. If these are aimed specifically at someone, it is difficult to understand.