Chiquis Rivera was covered in lycra to the fingers of Kim Kardashian’s hands for Instagram

Chiquis Rivera was covered in lycra to the fingers of Kim Kardashian’s hands for Instagram

the singer of regional mexican, Chiquis Rivera, walk like a celebrity, up to the latest fashion craze. It is therefore not surprising that one of the latest releases from Jenni Rivera’s daughter was seen lined as a dress with a tight purple lycra with some snail shells, also of the same material, on their boobies and Covered to the fingers in Kim Kardashian fashion. Although what we are describing may not sound very sexy, the truth is that the queen bee She looked explosive and blew up her account’s comments section Instagram.

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With Chiquis Rivera wore a very tight purple lycra, covering Kim Kardashian down to the fingers of her hands. Chiquis Rivera showed off her new figure. The same he has reaped since starting his massages, which is done and boasts about Instagram almost daily with minimal thongs and the heavy workouts he does Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

just yesterday Chiquis Rivera She showed off her thong with a yellow and black jumpsuit she used to go to sing in The Academy. Of course, before posting to his account, he gave a waste of talent from the TV and also a model. Instagram the outfit he was wearing. The same that highlighted each of its curves.

Chiquis Rivera doesn’t stop working. He still gives concerts as part of his Queen Bee Tour. He was in Texas recently. On the other hand, he continues to promote the album of the same name. He recently showed off his legs alongside the driver todaythe Chiqui baby and gave a concert at the facilities of Telemundo.

As for his heart. His divorce was recently made official. Lorenzo Mendez. The latter will premiere a song Nine Count on August 2 called “Life should be enjoyed“, so we assume that he will also release a video clip with “El Bombón Asesino” very recently. Keep in mind that both share the same production house. Actually the former Chiquis Rivera advised Ninel musically on his most recent work. Thus, the former Banda El Limón singer will also be there with new material and it is even rumored that he will have a new tour very soon.

Chiquis For her part, she premiered a new video clip in which she looks very sexy with a minimal white top and skirt, but above all surrounded by many of her personal friends who have accompanied her in various important moments of her life. The topic is titled “Between kisses and the copas” and has almost 200,000 views on YouTube.

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